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(Read) My upcoming decision
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How do you feel about me leaving?

I'm sad
I'm happy to get rid of this kid!
Who cares

Joined: 19th Aug 2013
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31st Aug 2013

I've thought of this for a long time. I've finally coming to a conclusion. In one months time (October 1) I'll be leaving 53RD. I'm going to be joining GKC. I got a couple friends in there and have been having such a fun time playing with some of the guys from GKC. 53RD is a great clan and I've made plenty of friends here. But it's just not somewhere I'd like to stay for a long period of time. Instead of like Frosty and leaving without telling anyone. I'm telling everyone a month in advance. They said they will make sure there is a spot open for me. I've had a great time in 53RD and I've learned sooo much about the game. I've become a much better player as well. I would like to thank a couple people right now for just different things. In one month I'll be saying my final goodbye's. I hope I have a good last month with you guys  

Sharp911 - Member of my old clan (TT) and recommended 53RD to me. As well as a great guy to platoon with.

SILVER_FOX413 - For teaching me loads about the game and developing my skills as a player. As well as teaching me a lot of strats in CW's and TC's. Also just for being generally a cool person, yelling at everyone to get in the right positions, or that irritated tone of voice you use sometimes

Elzie45 - Even though I hadn't done a whole ton with you. You were absolutely amazing at calling those TC's. I learned a lot of strats and I keep them in the back of my head

My 15 recruits - For listening to a crazy person like me asking for you to join a clan you know nothing about  As well as saying yes! I hope you guys have found a great home here and I hope you have lots of fun at 53RD

And to any other people who I've had lots of fun platooning with. It's been a great learning curve here at 53RD and I'll never forget you guys  I hope to platoon with a few of you still. I don't want to completely cut myself off of you guys.

Well. I'm going to have a good month of lots of platooning etc  Talk to you guys in game perhaps!

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Improving my stats with skill!

Joined: 18th Aug 2013
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31st Aug 2013

What, no mention of me for the t9 stat padding we do together?

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